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Logly's Pets and Tech Newsletter 12/4/23

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Logly’s Lost Pet Amber Alert System

We are delighted to introduce you to an exciting new feature on the Logly app: A world's first Peer to Peer Lost Pet Notification! Logly’s Lost Pet Amber Alert System ! As pet owners, we understand the importance of getting our lost beloved furry companions back home safely and fast.. With this system, we make it easier than ever to find and reunite lost pets with the help of our trusted Logly Members that we call Legion of Love. Let's dive into this game-changing addition to the Logly app! 🌟πŸ₯🐾

You're a Logly member and If you received a Lost Pet Alert notification on your Logly app, would you click on it and be on the lookout for the lost pet?

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πŸ” Logly helps finding Lost Pets: This peer to peer system allow a pet owner to send out a lost pet alert right from the pets profile. Then Logly members in the area will see this alert with pictures, videos, information about the pet, such as health and temperment. When found, you will be able to contact the owner by phone or chat and let them know the location the pet is at. No more waiting to print and post flyers in your area. Logly has you covered


Contact Information and Chat: Once you've found a lost pet, you can easily contact the owner in real time. Be the hero to a pet and the family that’s in a panic.

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Recent Reviews:

We our 2 year old Golden Lab went missing our hearts dropped. Logly is a lifesaver and they Lost Pet Amber Alert helped and we got our Molly back home in no time. Thank you Logly and we will tell everyone we know about the Amazing App

🌟 Legion of Love:

These are our most compassionate and loving pet enthusiast, they truly love pets and will go out of their way to help in anyway need, from spearheading lost pet searches, to spreading the word about Logly to everyone they know and asking them to do the same. We need more people with this passion. Join our Legion today.

πŸ’™ Your Feedback Matters:

We value your experiences and insights! After reading about this system, tell us what you think. Your feedback will not only help fellow pet owners in making informed decisions about this new technology, but also contribute to enhancing the overall quality of our Logly App and our All-in one Logly Platform.

🌟 Paw News of the week: Pet Tech News

Blackstone to Acquire Rover for $2.3 Billion

Blackstone has agreed to acquire Rover, a dog walking and pet sitting company, for $2.3 billion. Blackstone will pay $11 per share for Rover, a 28% premium to Rover's closing price on Friday.

The deal is expected to close in the first quarter of 2024. Rover's board of directors has approved the acquisition.

Rover is a leading provider of dog walking and pet sitting services in the United States. The company has over 500,000 pet sitters and dog walkers in its network. Rover's revenue grew 46% to $557 million in 2022.

Blackstone is a private equity firm with over $900 billion in assets under management. Blackstone has a long history of investing in technology and consumer companies.

The acquisition of Rover is Blackstone's latest bet on the pet care industry. The pet care industry is a growing market, driven by the increasing number of pet owners and the rising disposable income of pet owners.

Blackstone believes that Rover is a well-positioned company to capitalize on the growth of the pet care industry. Rover has a strong brand, a large network of pet sitters and dog walkers, and a growing customer base.

Blackstone plans to invest in Rover's technology and marketing to help the company grow. Blackstone also plans to expand Rover's international business.

The acquisition of Rover is a positive development for Rover's shareholders. Rover's shareholders will receive a significant premium for their shares. The acquisition will also provide Rover with the resources it needs to continue to grow its business.

Read the full article [here](

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